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Stephen J. JurisCentral Michigan UniversityClose
Published in Print:14 December 2021 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Immunology introduces this discipline, which is a subject containing vast amounts of detail. The immune system is vastly complex. This text tries to unravel the mysteries of immunology through accounts of classical discoveries and recent, cutting-edge research. The text starts with an introduction to the subject. There follows chapters on innate immunity, the complement system, and adaptive immunity. Chapters then cover T Lymphocytes, the development of B Lymphocytes, and B-cell diversity. The text also looks into immunological memory and vaccination, mucosal immunity, and pathogen evasion of the immune system. Immunodeficiencies are covered. As are allergies and hypersensitivity. Autoimmune diseases are the subject of another chapter. The text ends with two chapters looking at transplantation, immune responses to transplantation, and cancer of the immune system.