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The Cell: A Molecular Approach (International Nineth Edition)  

Geoffrey M. CooperBoston UniversityClose
Kenneth W. AdamsBridgewater State UniversityClose
Published in Print:26 July 2023 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


The Cell contains five parts. The first part, Part I, introduces the topic with fundamentals and foundations including an examination of molecules and membranes, bioenergetics, metabolism, and genomics. Part II is about the flow of genetic information. It looks at genes and genomes, replication, maintenance, RNA synthesis, RNA processing, protein synthesis, processing, and regulation. The third part is about cell structure and function. It looks at the nucleus, the plasma membrane, and cell walls amongst other topics. The final part, Cell Regulation, looks at cell signaling, the cell cycle, cell renewal and cell death, and cancer.