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Protecting Group Chemistry (First Edition)  

Jeremy RobertsonLecturer in Organic Chennistry and Fellow of Brasenose CollegeClose
Published in Print:03 August 2000 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Protecting Group Chemistry provides an overview of the general methods that are used to block the reactivity of—i.e. protect—specific functional groups, thus allowing others, present within the same molecule, to be manipulated unambiguously. An introductory chapter outlines protecting group strategy, relevant aspects of functional group reactivity, temporary protection, and introduces the concept of protecting group devices as an aid to unifying the wide range of available methods. The rest of the book is divided on the basis of broad classes of the experimental conditions that lead to cleavage of each protecting group (acid/electrophile, base/nucleophile, oxidising or reducing agent).

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