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Quantum Mechanics 1: Foundations (First Edition)  

N. J. B. GreenReader in Chemistry, King’s College, LondonClose
Published in Print:11 September 1997 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Quantum Mechanics 1 starts from the basis that quantum mechanics is of central importance in chemistry. To understand matter and its chemical transformation it is necessary to take a microscopic view connecting experimental observation to the properties of constituent molecules. However, at this microscopic level, atoms and sub-atomic particles do not obey the classical laws of mechanics that pertain to the everyday macroscopic world. They obey the laws of quantum mechanics. This text explains the fundamentals of quantum mechanics from the point of view of chemistry; describes areas of chemistry where quantum mechanics is most important; and shows how quantum mechanics is applied to chemical problems. To this end, the book is divided into two parts: the first deals with the foundations of quantum mechanics (concentrating on exactly soluble problems and the reduction of complicated problems to simple foundations) and the second is a tool kit for applying quantum mechanics to chemical problems (thus concentrating on approximate methods).

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