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Molecular Spectroscopy (First Edition)  

John M. BrownProfessor of Chemistry, University of OxfordClose
Published in Print:23 July 1998 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Molecular Spectroscopy provides an introduction to the spectroscopy of diatomic molecules. Following a general introduction to the subject, the second chapter lays out the essential quantum mechanical tools required to understand spectroscopy. The following chapter uses this quantum mechanical framework to establish the selection rules which govern spectroscopic transitions. Chapters 4–7 describe the various branches of spectroscopy covered by the book; rotational, rotational—vibrational, Raman, and electronic spectroscopy. Quantum mechanics is used to derive formulae for the various energy levels involved and for the relative intensities of different types of transition. From these, the appearances of the different types of spectra are derived. The molecular parameters on which these spectra depend are defined and the structural information which can be derived from these is discussed.

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