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Inorganic Materials Chemistry (First Edition)  

Mark T. WellerUniversity of SouthamptonClose
Published in Print:19 January 1995 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Inorganic Materials Chemistry begins by stating that the chemistry of solid inorganic materials has become a central theme in research and in the teaching of chemistry. This area is, however, often not given enough attention. Topics in this text include transition metal oxides, non-stoichiometry, zeolites, layer compounds chemistry, high temperature superconductors, and fullerides. In addition, the synthesis of these compound types is presented. As well as introducing and describing important solid-state materials, the text addresses the major experimental technique used to study and characterize the powder x-ray diffraction. The basis of this method and associated relevant crystallography is discussed; experimental data from this technique is used to illustrate topics throughout the text. This tying together of an experimental method and the chemistry is a useful approach to adopt.