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Stereoelectronic Effects (First Edition)  

A.J Kirby
Published in Print:09 May 1996 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Stereoelectronic Effects provides an introduction to this important topic in the study of chemistry. Stereoelectronic effects control the way molecules are put together and especially for the 'rules of engagement' which operate when they meet and react. Understanding them can give us a 'feel' or intuition for what molecules are and what they are capable of. The treatment in this text is deliberately non-mathematical and this unifying treatment shows how to build up a powerful but simple way of thinking about chemistry. Chapters examine the electronic basis of stereoelectronic effects and the effects on conformation and on reactivity. The text also considers substitutions at saturated centres. It also looks at additions and eliminations, rearrangements and fragmentations, and radical reactions.

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