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Stereoselectivity in Organic Synthesis (First Edition)  

Garry ProcterProfessor of Organic Chemistry, University of SalfordClose
Published in Print:23 April 1998 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Stereoselectivity in Organic Synthesis is concerned with the reactions used in stereoselective organic synthesis. It sets out to consider the general principles upon which such reactions are founded, especially stereoelectronic effects, and how these are applied to a wide range of stereospecific and stereoselective organic reactions used in organic synthesis today. The general topics covered include: reactions of carbonyl compounds, aldol reactions, additions to C-C double bonds, oxidation and reduction, rearrangements, and enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis. Reactions whose stereoselectivity is either substrate controlled, reagent controlled or controlled by a catalyst are covered, and where appropriate, examples of their application in organic synthesis are provided.

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