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Environmental Chemistry: A Global Perspective (Fourth Edition)  

Gary W. VanLoonDepartment of Chemistry and School of Environmental Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, OntarioxClose
Stephen J. DuffyDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New BrunswickClose
Published in Print:16 November 2017 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Environmental Chemistry describes the chemical principles which underpin the natural processes occurring within and between the air, water, and soil, and explores how they are impacted by humans. It is subdivided into three parts that focus on the chemical composition of the three key environmental systems. Part A looks at the Earth's atmosphere and consists of a number of chapters which consider stratospheric chemistry (ozone), tropospheric chemistry (smog and precipitation), atmospheric aerosols, the chemistry of urban and indoor atmospheres, and the chemistry of the global climate. Part B focuses on the hydrosphere and includes examinations of gases in water, organic matter in water, metals and semi-metals in the hydrosphere, microbiological processes, and water pollution. The final part looks at the terrestrial environment and covers soil properties, solid wastes, toxic organic chemicals, and the future Earth.