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Chemistry for the Biosciences: The Essential Concepts (Fourth Edition)  

Jonathan CroweOxford, UKClose
Tony BradshawOxford Brookes UniversityClose
Published in Print:23 April 2021 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Chemistry for the Biosciences explores all of the essential chemical concepts that students of biology need to know and understand. It starts by looking at atoms as the foundations for life, and how chemical bonding brings together atoms to form molecules and compounds. It also considers the interactions that operate between molecules, and what the chemical and biological implications of these interactions are. After considering a range of quantitative concepts relevant to the study of biology – moles, concentrations, and dilutions – it discusses the molecular basis of organic chemistry by considering hydrocarbons and functional groups. The text moves on to consider isomerism, molecular shape and structure, and the structure and function of key biological macromolecules. After explaining why metals have an important role in biological systems, it goes on to explore what happens during chemical reactions, and introduces oxidation, and reduction. It then explores concepts from the field of physical chemistry that are vital our understanding of life: energy, equilibria, and kinetics. After exploring acids, bases and buffers and their importance to biological systems, it concludes with a review of how we can use chemical analysis to better understand biological molecules.

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