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Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry (Fourth Edition)  

Andrew BurrowsUniversity of BathClose
John HolmanUniversity of YorkClose
Simon LancasterUniversity of East AngliaClose
Tina OvertonUniversity of LeedsClose
Andrew ParsonsUniversity of YorkClose
Gwen PillingUniversity of YorkClose
, and
Gareth PriceKhalifa UniversityClose
Published in Print:13 September 2021 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Chemistry3 covers organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry to provide balanced coverage of the fundamentals of chemistry. Chemistry is widely considered to be the central science: it encompasses concepts on which all other branches of science are developed. Yet for many, gaining a firm grounding in chemistry is a real challenge. The text tackles head-on two issues pervading chemistry education: mathematical skills, and the ability to see the subject as a single, unified discipline. Topics covered include molecules (diatomic and polyatomic), acids and bases, gases, and molecular spectroscopy and characterization. There are also chapters looking at energy and thermochemistry, entropy, Gibbs energy, chemical equilibrium, and electrochemistry. The latter half of the book covers phase equilibrium and solutions, isomerism and stereochemistry, organic reaction mechanisms, and halogenoalkanes. Next, the text moves on to alkenes and alkynes, benzene and other aromatic compounds, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and derivatives, and hydrogen. Finally, the last three chapters cover s-, p-, and d-Block chemistry.


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