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Human Nutrition (Fourteenth Edition)  

Catherine GeisslerProfessor Emerita of Human Nutrition, King’s College London, UK, and Secretary General of the International Union of Nutritional SciencesClose
Hilary PowersProfessor Emerita of Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Sheffield, UKClose
Published in Print:31 August 2023 Published Online:15 March 2024
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Human Nutrition features chapters from global experts, covering a broad range of disciplines within the field of human nutrition. Part 1 covers food and nutrients, looking at food and nutrient patterns and structure. It also considers food safety. The second part looks at physiology and macronutrient metabolism. Here, chapters examine nutrient digestion and absorption, body size and composition, energy balance and body weight regulation, and carbohydrate metabolism. This part also covers fat metabolism, protein metabolism, and alcohol metabolism. The third part looks at micronutrient function and metabolism and describes water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals and trace elements. The next part moves to dietary requirements for specific groups such as in infancy, childhood, pregnancy, and for sport and exercise. Part 5, the largest part of the book, considers nutrition and disease. Diseases and conditions covered include obesity, diabetes, cancer, dental disease, and eating disorders. Part 6 provides and assessment of nutritional status. The final part is about public health nutrition. This edition contains new material covering food sustainability, the gut microbiome, dementia, the social impact of alcohol consumption, and the implications of climate change on food security. It also looks at emerging trends are highlighted and discussed, including global malnutrition and food safety policy. COVID-19 is discussed in the context of diet and nutritional status.

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