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Communication Skills for the Biosciences: A Graduate Guide  

Divan Aysha
Published in Print:12 March 2009 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Communication Skills for the Biosciences looks first at essential communication skills useful for the sciences. It examines recording and managing information and ethics in communication. It provides an introduction to the scientific literature available, how to conduct effective literature searches, and reviewing the literature. The text shows the reader how to write a literature review, a research proposal, a research paper, and an abstract. It also explains in detail how to prepare tables and figures, as this is one of the essential skills required for writing about biosciences. The text looks at beyond degree level and gives some tips on how to develop a Masters dissertation or a PhD thesis, and how to deliver an effective presentation or introduce a research poster. The last chapter of the book talks about networking.