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Why chemical reactions happen (First Edition)  

James KeelerDepartment of Chemistry and Fellow of Selwyn College, CambridgeClose
Peter WothersDepartment of Chemistry and Fellow of St Catharine’s College, CambridgeClose
Published in Print:27 March 2003 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Why Chemical Reactions Happen provides all the tools and concepts needed to think like a chemist. The text takes a unified approach to the subject, aiming to help with the development of a real overview of chemical processes, by avoiding the traditional divisions of physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry. To understand how chemical reactions happen we need to know about the bonding in molecules, how molecules interact, what determines whether an interaction is favourable or not, and what the outcome will be. Answering these questions requires an understanding of topics from quantum mechanics, through thermodynamics, to ‘curly arrows’.


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