Purchasing Science Trove

Science Trove 2024 collections will beavailable for individuals and institutions to purchase from 1st August. 

If you are a librarian or an academic and would like to discuss how Science Trove would benefit you and your students please contact your campus representative to discuss purchase options and prices.

Purchasing a subject collection

Individual students can buy 12 months' access to each collection. Scroll down for details of the Science Trove 2024 collections, and how to buy.

For institutional purchasers

If you are interested in subscribing to Science Trove on behalf of your department or institution, please contact your campus representative for more information, demonstrations, and a full quotation.

For lecturers interested in adopting Science Trove, trial access is available. Contact your campus representative for more information.

Ready to browse?

The following Science Trove collections will be available from 1st August.  You can view the contents of each module by visiting the product page on the website (use the links below).

You can also contact your campus representative to discuss purchase options and prices.