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Cover Molecular Biology of RNA

David Elliott and Michael Ladomery

Molecular Biology of RNA provides an overview of a cutting-edge field of biology. It starts with an introduction to the subject. It looks at how RNA can form versatile structures. It moves on to consider catalytic RNAs. Other topics covered include pre-mRNA splicing by the spliceosome, the RNA-binding proteins, pre-mRNA splicing defects found in development and disease, and co-transcriptional pre-mRNA processing. The text also looks at nucleocytoplasmic traffic of messenger RNA, messenger RNA localization, and translation of messenger RNA. It also examines stability and degradation of mRNA and RNA editing. Finally, the text provides an analysis on biogenesis and nucleocytoplasmic traffic of non-coding RNAs; the 'macro' RNAs, which include long non-coding RNAs and epigenetics; and the short non-coding RNAs and gene silencing. The text ends with a quick look at future perspectives.


Cover Molecular Biology of RNA

The RNA-binding proteins  

This chapter details how RNA-binding proteins package RNA, protect RNA, organize RNA, and prepare RNA for post-transcriptional processes. It describes different kinds of RNA-binding and auxiliary domains that enable RNA-binding proteins to bind RNA in a versatile way. It also mentions hnRNP proteins, which are the first RNA-binding proteins to be studied in some detail. The chapter discusses the hnRNP proteins that package premRNA. These are involved in multiple post-transcriptional processes. Also, hnRNP proteins remain bound to messenger RNA in the cytoplasm in mRNP particles. The chapter covers the RNA recognition motif, which is a sequence of amino acids or a specific arrangement of secondary structure.